Bar furniture


Create something unique

Make your bar a feature with our wine barrel bar

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Wine Barrel Packs

Wine barrel table (standard): $150


2 wine barrels and table top

Perfect for a desserts table, guestbook/gifts table or a bar table matched with our bar stools

Wine barrel bar (deluxe): $300


✓ 2 wine barrels and bar top

✓ 2 x 5L carafes

✓ 1 x 8L carafe

✓ 5 wooden crates

✓ 4 metal drink buckets

✓ Bunting decoration

✓ Drink tray options (stand or trays)

✓Set up


Single wine barrel: $50

5 available

Perfect for dry bars, cakes, entrance to reception or ceremony. Match with our grey bar stools

Half wine esky .jpg

Half-barrell esky: $25 each

2 available

Grey stools with wine barrel.jpg

Grey stools: $10 each

12 available

Robert Hay